3 Best Solar Powered Pond & Fountain Pumps 2019


What is a solar pump?

Selecting a solar powered pond pump as an alternative to a wired pump can save money in the long run. It also makes it a lot easier to start a pond at home. There’s no need for mains socket and there’s no wiring needed. After the valves are connected, all you need to do is put the solar panel in a spot that attracts the most sun (or just decent light) during the day. And because you are setting yourself free from the power grid, you save money on electricity.

Since collecting energy from the sun depends on the size and quality of the solar panel, most of the solar powered pumps are quite modest regarding the power/water output and in general are best suited for smaller ponds. Also, most of the pumps shut down after dark, some have batteries to keep them running 2-3 hours.

Solar pumps and PV panels (photo voltaic panels, also known as solar panels) still remain quite expensive than a mains powered pump, so if you have a choice to use mains supply and don’t mind cables, a regular mains pond pumps is a preferred choice. If there’s no access to electricity in your back yard then solar power can really come in useful here. If you start calculating the price of wiring, digging a trench, setting the wiring in a trench or power lines from the air, and the extra time spent, solar power can actually turn out a better and a more affordable option. Solar type pumps also suits well because when the sun is shining the most, you need the water flow the most, so the pumps operate the best.

Features of a solar pump


  • Easier to set up
  • Zero running costs
  • Perfect to use in remote locations
  • Best for fountains
  • Great for the environment
  • Less noise


  • Smaller power output & lower water flow
  • Only fit for smaller ponds
  • Too much cloudy days can lessen the pumps output
  • There are not too many manufacturers who make solar-powered pumps, yet, so the choices are limited.
  • More expensive

How do I find the best solar pump for me?

When you’re shopping for a solar pump, there are a number of factors you should consider:

Power & Water flow

The power output! The higher the numbers the more powerful it is, naturally. Smaller ponds don’t need as much power though. The power and water flow capacity all depends on the size of your fountain or pond. Read all three pump reviews carefully to choose the right one.

Solar pumps have a variable flow rate, which is governed largely by the strength and direction of the sun; you need to purchase a pool pump that meets the needs of your pool’s flirtation system.
Not all solar pond pumps are created equal, before buying a pump you need to consider your pond needs. For instance, does your pond contain abundant life, or does it serve a more decorative purpose with fountains and sprays? Some solar pumps have a stronger flow than others are, as such, are better suited to ponds with water spouts, while others, with gentler flow, are more suited to ponds with fish, plants and frogs. As with pond pumps, you need to consider your needs before committing to a solar pool pump.

Does it work as a fountain?

The solar pump is an excellent solution for a fountain. With fountain, it’s not necessary to continue running it at night. If the solar pump is used for a pond with Koi and has to handle the foremost filtration you will most likely end up with troubles. If you want a solar pond operating with Koi pond, is if you use a panel/pump with battery backup or two separate pumps(a solar pump for the day + a normal electrical pump for the night) so that the water flow and refreshing is continuous.

Is battery necessary for operating at night?

If you have a pond with Koi fish in it, then it would be advisable to use a real electrical pond pump. See the comparison table here.

Top 3 solar pump review/overview (updated september 2019)

AISITIN 5.0W Solar Fountain Pump with 1000mAh battery

  • 5W Solar Panel

  • Floating pump with 6 nozzles, perfect for garden ponds
  • 1000mAh battery can store energy during daytime
  • Water height adjustable
  • Automatic stop if water is not available
  • Solar panel size: 11 in × 7.1 in (28 cm x 18 cm)
  • Maximum head: 70.87 in (5.9 ft. / 1.8 m)

Aisitin solar-powered 9V/2.5W water pump comes with an efficient 10V/5W solar panel. This pump is a major move to the infinite and free solar energy to power your garden pond or fountain. The maximum water height is described as 29.53 inches which is about 75 centimeters. Cable from the pump which you will place on the pond to the solar panel is quite lengthy – about 9.84 ft. (3 meters). It starts up fast (2-3 seconds), operates in the shade, and it’s known for its stability. It has no electrical outlet, so it’s very safe to use and there’s no wiring or required to the main outlet. This solar pond pump solution is perfect for small backyard pond, garden decoration, water circulation for oxygen, and so on. Keep in mind to have water depth in your fountain at least 1.0 inch (2.5 cm).

AISITIN 5.0 Watt Solar Pond Pump available at Amazon for $32.99 !

Solar Water Pump Kit 400 GPH 12V 20W Brushless Submersible Water Pump + Solar Panel

  • Submersible brushless magnetic motor with 20,000 + hour life
  • 20 watts polycrystalline solar panel 400gph-pump
  • 3 nozzle spray patterns
  • Maximum flow: 400 GPH (1500L/H)
  • Removable filter
  • 16 foot (4.8 meters) long cable
  • 1 Year Warranty – 100% Money back guarantee

Here we have an excellent pump kit with excellent technical specs! This 12-24 volt pump with the 20 watt solar panel provided is an ideal do-it-yourself setup for solar fountains, pond circulation, water features or any other garden water projects you may have. A low noise brushless magnetic motor is completely submersible in fresh or salt water. Does not harm the fish or other aquatic life. The magnetic type pumps are the most reliable kind and can cope with running all day and every day. The 20 watt polycrystalline solar panel has a strong aluminum frame and it comes with a stand. The extra-long wire lets good flexibility for positioning the pump and panel. Enjoy the cable free advantage – no wiring necessary for an 110V outlet. Just set the panel towards the sun, plug the panel to the pump and enjoy your water feature with zero electricity bills!

Solar Water Pump Kit 400 GPH 12V 20W available on Amazon $ 169.99

MNP SP50 Two Solar Panel 50W Pond Pump

  • Efficient twin solar panels with 25W each panel kit. This package uses a unique brushless pump comprising an essential advancement for solar powered water pumps and considerably minimizes maintenance challenges.
  • The solar pump kit comes with 16 feet of plastic hose to hook up the pump to a fountain, pond or filter box. No other stuff to buy and you should be up and have it working in a matter of minutes.
  • Over 16 ft. (5 meters) of power cable from pump to solar panels. Can be lengthened multiple times by 16 feet.
  • The pump itself is not heavy and it is very easy to clean up. Has dry run cut off so this means it will help save some water for your fish in the event of a leak.
  • Pump has an efficient and maintenance-free brushless DC motor having a failure proof carbon brush and shaft seal, providing a long working hours.
  • Max-power voltage 17.28V
  • Max-power current 1.447A x 2
  • Max. head 9.86 ft. (3 meters)
  • Max. flow rate 3400LPH (898 GPH)

This is an excellent pump for anyone looking for a no-hassle cable-free setup. With sun being the power source to your waterfall or filter system to a pond set up. The two solar panels can be positioned up to 16 feet from the pump with the cable it comes with.(can be expanded a further 16 feet with the PE10 Solar Pump Extender available on Amazon as well). Has dry cut out feature which many less expensive models don’t have. Two sensors on the pump have to be immersed into the pond, under water for it to work. The MNP SP50 Twin Panel system has locked rotor security that avoids the pump from failure due to debris obstructing the pump that can collect there with time. The kit comes with full guidelines and is easy to set up and maintain. Warranty is one year from the date of order.

People who own it have reported it to work very well, especially under full sun.

Check this MNP SP50 Two Solar Panel 50W Pond Pump on Amazon! Currently on offer for $239

+ 1 extra, one of the most popular models:

Solar Pump & Solar Panel kit with 48″ head, battery pack and LED light

  • 3 watt Solar Panel with ground spikesolarpump-48head-kit-led
  • Needs direct sunlight to run during day and stores energy in battery pack. With full battery, the pump can work for up to 4 hours.
  • Pump water flow – 80 GPH
  • Vertical water spray up to 4 ft. (1.2 meters)
  • 8 different fountain spray heads

This brushless pump can work on solar and on battery power. If there’s plenty of sunlight, it will work on solar energy, while at the same time recharging the battery for operating the pump when it’s dark or nighttime. If the batteries are entirely charged, the batteries can run the pump up to four hours. It is set to automatically run the pump again in the morning when the sun rises and sunlight “shows up”. If the pump is set to off position, solar panels charge the batteries and not run the pump. This means you can have batteries fully charged and let’s say turn the fountain pump on in the evening when the guests arrive let’s say, for a special event. The 3 watt solar panel is enough to give the output for water 80 gallons per hour and lift the water up to 4 feet. Keep in mind that this pump is meant for fountains only and it comes with 8 different nozzle/sprinkler heads for many ways of “flying” water.

This Solar Pump Kit on Amazon: $69.99 & FREE Shipping

Do i even need a pond pump?

If you plan to have Koi in your pond, then having a water pump is very important. The pump is accountable for 3 important things – circulating, filtering and oxygenating the water. It is what keeps everything in order, keeps the pond healthy. The pump supplies the necessary oxygen for the fish. It is the pumps role to regularly renew the pond with fresh oxygenated water. The bacteria requires oxygen from moving water in order to live and to help cleansing the water. The pump helps to replace the oxygen.


I would use a solar pump for fountains, with no fish. They are great in the ecological sense and virtually cost nothing to run. But, if you have Koi I would not use a pond that only operates during daylight. The persistent functioning of the pond filtration system and pump are important for the Koi fish.

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