Alpine Cyclone 3100 Pond Pump Review


The Alpine cyclone pumps (5 choices/sizes available) are one of our most liked pump options for smaller to medium sized ponds, the Alpine is offered in 7 sizes: 2100, 3100, 4000, 5200, 6550 and 8000 GPH. The bigger pond you have, the more GPH you need. The Alpine pumps are a solid choice, specifically if you don’t quite need the 10000 GPH offered by some of the other manufacturers/models. Also this pump can be made use of as a submersible pump or an external pump which makes it an unique pump compared to other pumps which are generally one or the other.

Rather having a direct drive shaft from the motor to the impeller, this model has a magnetic driven pump, allowing the motor to sit in a protective encasing, safeguarding it from the water, decreasing the risks of leaks. One small downside of magnetic pumps is that they are likely to drop their flow rate sooner as head tension grows compared to standard direct drive pumps.

The model on review here is the 3100 model, which is efficient of pumping 2500 gallons per hour (GPH) before considering head pressure into account. For example, for having a 0′ of head, the correct figure would be 2500 GPH, and for 5′ head it’s 2251 GPH and for 10′ head 1390 GPH and so on.

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Customer Reviews:

Roald C. – June 11, 2015
Exactly what we were looking for the 10′ waterfall. It’s gorgeous! The view of water flowing over the rocks, looks very nice. Then again, the shielding strainer for the unit housing is nothing I would call a quality product! The two little fasteners that are meant to hold it on, simply do not! Well, we just tied it with some plastic clips onto it, to keep it steady and from coming off. Both of them, we have two of these pumps actually, both run quite good.

Nick Yorke – March 29, 2014
This piece of work is of very good quality, fairly effortless and uncomplicated to put up and is running very well. An absolute improvement for the pond and the water. Amazon’s service is always good, timely delivery and well prepared. Had ours from last spring and it is still working perfectly! Would certainly suggest to anyone who desires a pond filter or waterfall pump.

Jason J. – October 12, 2013
Works just as advertised – told in the writings and info papers. Works for waterfall as well!

Bill Murphy – July 18, 2013
Great product with a great price…My Big Frog pump went out on me and I didn’t want to spend the money on another one. I was worried this pump would not perform as well given its price… To my surprise this pump kept up just as well if not better…

Matt Bennett – May 28, 2013
Wow! This thing actually works, the water circulation works! This is my first considerable pump, as opposed to the Beckett or Little Giant smaller pumps. Sure, these smaller pumps have their meaning, but this pump is from another world. It’s powering a large waterfall/filter in my pond and doing a great job. As for reliability over the long term, Great pump!

Don M. – June 9, 2012
I’ve got the 3100 model and it’s been working nonstop since i bought it 8 months ago. It’s running a nice little, cute pond in my backyard and the wife loves it. It was a little work to set it up with the pond and electrical wires and all that, but since I’m no expert on that i had a friend help me out and managed to set it up just the way i wanted it. Also added some cool LED lights inside the pond, very nice look in the dark indeed!

Jimbo – September 29, 2011
I have been using this pump (the most powerful Alpine pump, the one with 8000 GPH) for a couple of months now and it works very good. I have a 50′ run from the pump to my waterfall, and this pump pushes almost double the water as my Supreme Hydrive at that range. And also it is less expensive than other pumps in the 7000-8000 gph range and drags less power as well.

Schiek – April 11, 2011
Works well, it’s low-noise. The filter cover comes off way to easy (once the pump was in place it stays on.) I like the 3 year warranty, so far hasn’t gotten plugged. I get a lot of pine needles in my pond too and it’s still working.


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