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Do I Need A Pond Liner?

A pond liner is an impenetrable water-proof material used for lining of garden ponds and artificial streams in parks and back yards. Doesn’t matter if you’re creating a big commercial pond, or a small water garden, pond liners are necessary for making your pond water-proof. Not having a good pond liner, the water-feature will start to loose water into the soil below and could eventually ruin your precious pond along with fish.

So, there is no way around it, if you’re creating a new pond, then better do it properly, by using a proper pond liner when you’re done digging.

What Kind of Pond Liner?

A good pond liner is made to give a water tight wall to your pond that avoids water from getting out and also gives a solid base for the pond. A quality liner has to withstand time, temperature fluctuations, and ultra-violet light and is tear-proof. And no matter which type you choose, all of them can be molded into the shape and contours you want to.

There are a couple of key sorts of pond liners you can select from, that we will look at in further detail to help your decisions when building your new pond:

  • PVC Pond Liner
    The most well-known sort of pond liner is made out of PVC, that is usually 0.5mm thick, that is solid enough to last but agile enough to adjust to the shape of your pond easily. But, PVC liner’s popularity is really its price, being the most affordable choice of any pond liners out there. It is perfectly suited for smaller ponds, but has to be set up properly. PVC is sometimes known for turning crumbling if subjected to too much sunlight, leading to small fractures if not taken care of appropriately.
  • Rubber pond liners
    Both EPDM pond liners and Butyl pond liners are made of synthetic rubber. Butyl has a higher natural rubber composition and is very much suggested by experienced pond builders. EPDM liners are well-liked as a water feature or garden pond liners. Although they are higher in price than plastic liners, they are likely to be more bendable and adapt to the shape of small ponds rather easily. They are not as tough as some of the bendable plastics, but rubber pond liners are less difficult to tackle in tight spaces. This is the reason behind rubber liners level of attractiveness in small pond construction.
  • LDPE
    This is pretty much tear-proof and semi-flexible material for pond lining. Does not have a basic material like PVC, and will tear more when punctured not like PVC, simply because that the liners are only 500 micron. 1000 micron HDPE is available, but simply because it is not bendable it cannot always be put to use as a flat sheet for pond linings. LDPE is considered to be tougher than rubber pond liners with a greater flexible strength and it’s thinner than rubber or PVC.
  • Preformed Pond Liners
    These are the kind of liners that are bought in a pre-determined shape and size, and are usually non-flexible, therefore the proportions and size of the liner cannot be modified. One of the most spoken about strengths of using a pre-shaped pond liner is that following the installment, there will be no undesirable lumps or folds in the liner because of to its custom contour.
    The first downside of preformed pond liners is that after you buy a liner, your pond layout is set and can’t be modified without getting a new liner.

What about a Pond without a Liner?

A pond should hold water without a special liner if you have a tough, silt and well-compacted soil. Since most gardens don’t have the needed soil toughness to keep the water in a pond, pond liner is highly recommended to keep the water being absorbed to the ground.

5 Best Pond Liners Recommended:

I have compared a number of pond liners over the last few years, ranging from cheap and basic to more expensive and advanced pond liners. By reading this guide, and doing your homework ahead of time, you will be capable to make a thought out decision and it will become a less difficult endeavor. The list below will show you the five best pond liners that are currently available in 2016. I can vouch for all of the 5 liners below!


Beckett Corporation 12-Feet by 17-Feet pre-cut PVC Pond Liner

beckett-linerThe Beckett 17-feet by 12-feet PVC Pond Liner is built from 20-ml PVC for strength. The liner is ideal for use with fish and is UV-proof. It can hold up to 945-gallon of water. Is intended for outdoor use and can handle all seasons very well. This is a solid, strong and uncomplicated to adjust to whatever shapes and angles you want or need to. Excellent product, very popular in the USA and UK, can handle high and low temperatures, recommended by many pond lovers!

Buy this Beckett 12 by 17 PVC Pond Liner from Amazon !


Firestone PondGard 45 Mil 5 x 10 EPDM Pond Liner

firestone-pondlinerThe Pondgard pond liner is fish safe, solid and resilient yet flexible and will last you for many, many years. EPDM 45 mil is the #1 choice for installers, landscapers and clients that demand only the best of quality. Lasts for years and can easily fit a pond pump or solar pump as well. This is easy to install and suits for any water feature you may think of in your garden! Firestone is yet another business well known for top quality products and their pond liners are the best you can get. It has a life expectancy of huge 75 years!

Get the Firestone PondGard 5 x 10 EPDM Pond Liner Here!


Pondh2o LDPE 19′ 6” x 13′ 1” Pond Liner

pondh2o-liner19x6This 19 Foot 6 Inch x 13 Foot 1 Inch (6m x 4m) liner is made out of strong LDPE material carrying a 15 year UV resistant warranty. It’s a liner that is suitable for little to moderate sized ponds. Built from high quality LDPE material, these liners are incredibly good value while still having great puncture and tear protection. The liners are 0.33mil thick (.013 inch). Pondh2o LDPE pond liner is perfectly appropriate for wider shaped pond as complicated shapes may cause problems with folding.


Get the Pondh2o LDPE Pond Liner from Amazon!


Beckett Corporation 60-Gallon Tabago Preformed Pond

beckett-60gallonThe Beckett Plastic Pond is made from plastic for durability and sturdiness. The flat-bottomed layout supplies steady plant and pump setting. The product is UV resistant and is harmless for use with fish. Its capacity is up to 60-Gallon. Ideal for in ground and above ground set up. Add some rocks around this preformed pond setup and it’s going to blend in with the rest of the garden perfectly! If you have the space and the budget for a 60 gallon pond, then we would recommend this beckett model. Manufactured in the USA.

Purchase Beckett Corporation 60-Gallon Preformed Pond from Amazon Now!


Algreen Avonlea 33-Gallon Preformed Pond Liner

33gallons-liner_algreenAnother excellent preformed pond right here. These are very popular simply because these are very easy to set up, dig a hole, and fit the pond right in. No messing around with the edges then using a rubber or plastic liner. Algreen’s Avonlea 33 gallon preformed pond is fish and plant safe, can easily withstand weather and UV. It also comes with built-in plant shelves and is built from eco-friendly reused plastic. Its measurements are – 36 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 14 inches deep. Perfect small pond for a corner of a garden!

See the price of Algreen Avonlea 33-Gallon Preformed Pond Liner here!



Ok, so now you have it. We sincerely hope that you have found this useful when considering which pond liner to choose for your new bond build, be it a PVC liner, Butyl liner or EPDM type. Hope you find this little guide of mine useful.

All the best!


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