Can you keep your pond clean without a filter?

One of the greatest annoyances of having your garden fish pond is not realizing what to do when the water becomes bad, green and gross! This can be a real problem. No worries, there is a way you can naturally clean up the pond water with no harsh chemicals. Having the water clean the natural way is quite simple, and you’ll be able to enjoy your pond just as before.

In general, the higher your volume of bio-load, the higher amount of filtration your pond will require. Most of the bio-load generated comes from your fish, through feeding and waste. When you have fish in your pond, it is more difficult to keep the levels stable. This is mainly because of the beneficial bacteria you need that provide a necessary part of the filtration function. They break down the harmful chemicals and ingredients through the nitrogen cycle and while it is a fact that ponds naturally have valuable bacteria, a more concentrated is also found in a filter.

pond clean without filtersSo you can go either way here, to have a filter or have no filter. Filter is usually encouraged, even if you don’t have a pond with a whole lot of fish – without a filter, in a smaller pond or pond that has only small fish or no fish at all, you may not need one at all.

An ideal way to help clean pond water without using a filter is to simply change the water altogether. It’s safe to change up to 25-30% of the total water quantity in the pond without badly influencing the fish or plant life. Getting rid of the old water is definitely effective because you are removing pollutants and debris from the water by doing this. Just make sure to dechlorinate the water and handle it so that it is appropriate for your pond fish before putting the new water into the tank. Chlorine can be destructive to fish, so you need to be sure that the new water you are placing to the pond consists of entirely none of it.

You can also include some kind of equipment to supply aeration to your pond, such as a fountain setup, a solar aerator; you can assist with your pond’s surface activity and oxygen supply. Usually a pump will be connected to a filter also, but there is no ground why you can’t just install a pump straight into your pond. Along with letting beneficial bacteria to thrive, it will stop mosquitoes and algae gathering up in your pond. If you keep fish in your pond as well, the extra aeration is essential to guarantee they get enough proper oxygen in the water.

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