Pond Maintenance

How to take care of goldfish in garden ponds

Taking care of goldfish in a garden pond is an easy job. A lot of people have this concern when they over analyze the process and end up doing stuff they should not. Typically when it comes to feeding the […]

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Can you keep your pond clean without a filter?

One of the greatest annoyances of having your garden fish pond is not realizing what to do when the water becomes bad, green and gross! This can be a real problem. No worries, there is a way you can naturally […]

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Best Pond Liners

  Do I Need A Pond Liner? A pond liner is an impenetrable water-proof material used for lining of garden ponds and artificial streams in parks and back yards. Doesn’t matter if you’re creating a big commercial pond, or a […]

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Should I Heat My Pond During the Winter?

Talk to any experienced pond owner and they will tell you that koi fish live much better in warmer water, free from long term subjection to under 10 degree Celsius (50°F) conditions. We have all seen how much more energetic […]

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How to Keep Algae Away From Pond

This is the primary problem of pond keepers – algae. This ubiquitous, unwanted plant life in all its green majesty is the despair of the pond keeper’s life and can make the simple joys of pond and fish keeping seem […]

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Ammonia Problems in Koi Fish Pond

Ammonia (NH3) is the next deadliest toxin in pond water, right after chlorine. Every time fish digest their food, they emit a waste product known as ammonia through their gill tissue and their kidney. Ammonia may accumulate in ponds when […]

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Pond Cleaning Guidelines

Consistent maintenance is very important for a thriving pond. Cleaning a pond isn’t hard but you need to work on it every week between April and October. Look thoroughly to distinguish problems before they become serious. With a little servicing, […]

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What Is a Pond Heater? How to Choose a Pond Heater?

  Do i need to heat my pond during the colder months? Garden ponds offer endless joy, giving a peaceful and beautiful sensation for hours of delight. But ponds aren’t meant just for places with warm climate year-round. Even home-owners […]

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How To Choose The Right Biological Filter?

Finding the correct filter system for your koi pond can be complicated, having so many types and variations of filter on the market – where should you begin? What filter size should i choose? You have to make sure it […]

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Is Net Cover Necessary For Garden Pond In The Winter?

Garden ponds enrich the beauty of any landscape by including a water element that contains different varieties of plants, flowers, and quite often fish. In order to keep the beauty and health of your garden pond in locations with cold […]

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