Do Pond Pumps Need To Operate All The Time?

The prime purpose for running a pump is to oxygenate/freshen the water. If you run the pond constantly, the pond will be healthier and won’t build the negative aromas of toxic gases such as methane, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide (spoiled egg gas). These toxic elements are developed by anaerobic bacteria (microorganisms that live only where no oxygen exists).

The most vital time to run your pump is in fact in the first hours of the morning. Mixing up oxygen in the water is at its minimum level at this time since algae and plants only develop oxygen through daylight. At night, all of the living matters in the pond such as algae, plants and bacteria (except for anaerobic bacteria) are still using oxygen resulting in the dissolved oxygen level to drop more and more as the night comes on. If your pond is considerably stocked with fish, the early hours of the morning are when they will most demand your pump to be operating to supply them with oxygen.

The biggest trouble with turning off your pump is oxygen depletion in your filter. This is certainly not a good thing, this is the bacteria that makes poor water quality.

Algae is the green photosynthetic organism that you see on the surface of a pond during the warmer months. It feeds on the light from the sun to produce food and carries requirements similar to plants. If your pond is subjected to more than two hours of direct sunlight in the summer and is still for considerable amounts of time, you are likely to see an algae situation. Keep your pond pumps running absolutely at all times to avoid water stagnation and undesirable algae build-up.

underwaterpumpwIf the pond has high fish thickness, the amount of nitrifying bacteria will need to be always at an adequate level to turn the ammonia produced by the fish to nitrates. The number of nitrifying bacteria will stay constant only if conditions stay constant – the supply of oxygen and food (ammonia) heading past the bacteria must be ceaseless. If you turn your pump off, the nitrifying bacteria will die again and will take days or even weeks to reproduce. For that reason, if you have a lot of fish in the pond, the pump must run all the time.

It is absolutely necessary to have the pump working 24 hours a day – every day.

This makes certain the pond water is being distributed and sent through a filter. It is very critical to filter the complete amount of water in your pond every hour. By achieving this, it is the ideal way to guarantee to have clear and healthy water.

When selecting a pond pump be sure that it has the attributes you want for your pond, like the proper amount of gallons per hour (gph) to let your filters to do the best job they can; you don’t want to shoot water through your filters too fast, or not pass adequate amount through your pond filter. Most ponds should have their full water volume flushed through the filter system every couple of hours for perfect results.