Gofurther GYD050 12V 5W Solar Panel Water Pump Review



This is the latest addition to our collection of recommended garden solar pumps! This model is developed for use in fountains, garden ponds, and other garden water setups. This is a decent pump for a small pond, it’s easy to setup, maintain and isn’t going to break your wallet!


  • 5W Solar Panel, brushless submersible pump, 12V
  • Highly efficient/Eco-friendly
  • Stable performance/Easy usage and operation
  • Maximum water height: 2 ft. (60cm)
  • Maximum flow: 100 GPH (380L/H)
  • Maximum delivery head: 120cm


Gofurther 5W solar-powered water pump is with an effective solar panel and brushless pump. This pump is a step to the endless and free solar energy to operate in your garden fountain. It starts up quickly, works also when there are light clouds, and is actually known for its stability. It has no electrical outlet or battery, so it’s safe to use and to set up also. This solar pump choice is excellent for small backyard pond, garden water setup, water circulation for oxygen, and so forth. It’s also offered in 2, 3, and the more potent 10 watt models. Just keep the water clean, clean the pump regularly to prevent particles blocking the pump inlet and you’ll have a perfect water setup in your backyard!

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Customer Reviews:

Edward D. – May 27, 2016
It is just amazing. Easy to use, just put the solar panel in FULL sun and submerge the pump. My fountain is about 6-7 in tall when it’s full sun out. This is the first pump I’ve ever bought and it’s good for beginners and very small water features, like mini ponds.

UtahBr – May 19, 2016
Works great, I use it for my pond, it is strong enough to pump the water about 24 inches when the sunlight is fully out.

Bonnie Keenl – May 17, 2016
I wasn’t sure this pump would pump high enough for my fountain. It does and works well. Only works when the sun is shining on it. I am happy with this purchase.

springl0ve – May 11, 2016
This product worked well for a little over a month but then stopped. It could have been a defective item. The seller gave me a full refund which I really appreciated.

B.R. Willis – May 10, 2016
Tried three different pumps for my tiny waterfall. Two didn’t actually work and the third provided wasn’t as advertised. This is incredible and our guests like it.



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