Is Net Cover Necessary For Garden Pond In The Winter?

Garden ponds enrich the beauty of any landscape by including a water element that contains different varieties of plants, flowers, and quite often fish. In order to keep the beauty and health of your garden pond in locations with cold winters, certain actions need to be taken to winterize your garden pond.

Having a nice little garden pond in your back yard is a significant commitment that offers your whole family a relaxed environment in the garden. A simple pond can be inspirited effortlessly with the supplement of a small waterfall, a couple of statues, and some fish and plants. Although, you will find that it is important to take care of that investment. One of the most typical choices is the use of garden pond netting to cover the pond

Garden pond net can help to safeguard your pond from many bad things. Such as, leaves and other debris will not fall into the water when your nets are up, which can offer some advantages. As leaves decay, they generate and set nutrients and chemicals free into the water that enable algae to prosper. Pond netting can help to keep such leaves on top of the surface of the water and assists cleaning the leaves out quickly.

Additionally, garden pond netting or any other kind of pond cover, can help make certain that your fish stay safely inside their watery home, rather than being able to jump out of the water as some fish are able to do that. This will also suppress uninvited visitors, such as storks and other birds from grabbing your fish away.

If you winter proof your pond by taking away the sensitive aquatic plants and fish for the colder months, then a solid pond cover is also a must. This will work just like a pool cover does, same way it fends off rainwater, falling leaves and snow, and other items that can hurt your pond. Keep in mind, the more precautionary steps you take, the less inconvenience you will have when it comes time to open up that pond again when the spring arrives.

If you are afraid that the netting simply falls into the pond, then you should consider getting a frame, or couple of frames, to help hold the netting out of the water. This will also help to clean the clean the netting, when you will only have to remove each frame, dump the leaves and dirt away from the pond and then set the netting and frame back on top of the pond.

A net cover for your garden pond is an important supplement, especially in the autumn when the leaves fall and for the colder months too, keeping your pond clean and healthy.

Winter tip: Never break ice by force as shock waves can damage the fish, injure their gills, and potentially kill them. Use hot water to melt a hole in the ice if necessary.