Laguna Waterworks Max-Flo Pump Review

LagunawaterworksMax-FloMax-Flo pumps are built to offer continuous and reliable water circulation. They are best suitable for a selection of pond water-features, such as delivering water flow to filtration systems and creating awesome waterfalls. They are made in Italy and the pumps are run by a magnetic-driven motor that is quite special for supplying large amounts of water flow at considerably low energy expenses. This is important for anyone looking to invest more but to save on electricity in the long run. Swapping your current pond pump to a Laguna Max-Flo pump can in many cases pay for itself in just one season.

Laguna is known for highly functional and well-performing pond pumps that are effective for filtration systems, waterfalls, and watercourses. Stable “pre-filter” pump cage minimizes pump damage and clogging odds by collectively examining larger debris parts. Comes with convenient carrying handle, keyhole slots for different fixed mounting and pivot pin fastener for quick and easy accessibility to pump. Has “Click-fit” coupling for handy plumbing compatible with other Laguna series pond items. This pump has a 3-year warranty.

These pumps are developed to provide constant and efficient water circulation in your garden pond. They work ideally with a wide range of pond solutions, such as supplying water flow to filtration systems and creating amazing waterfalls.

For better functioning of the pump, place the pump in the deepest area of the pond. At minimum, it must be put at a depth of 8 inches. If needed, you can lock in the pump to a stationary base by using the keyhole-shaped slots, placed at the bottom of the cage, which are made to allow the fast engaging/disengaging of the pump from the base.

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Customer Reviews:

Wrktoomuch – January 10, 2014

I bought this pump to go with a Aqua Ultra Violet 2000 pressurized filter for my overstocked 400 gallon pond. It worked flawlessly and had plenty of power to backwash the big filter. Much improvement over other submersibles I have used.

James – April 19, 2012

This is my second 2900 GPH Max Flo waterfall pump, second one because now I’ve got two separate ponds, the first one impressed me much, with it’s low running costs and ease to set up. Although i knew i was good for a 2000 GPH pump i wanted to be safe and got the one with more power, just in case. Very satisfied with the end result!

Michael Mann – August 16, 2013

I bought this pump to replace a Shinmaywa pump that had finally died after about 5 years of continuous service. I was apprehensive about the Laguna since it was so much smaller than the previous pump. It has a replaceable magnetic drive impeller, which was a must have this time around. It seems to do the job just fine, it’s much lighter and more compact so it fits much better in the bottom of our 2000 gallon pond. It has no problem pumping the water up the hill to feed the stream, it’s about an 8 foot head and the waterfall still looks like a sheet with no gaps in the water.

L.J. Wade – September 28, 2012

After reading oh-so-many reviews and going through so many websites, i finally got this Laguna pump. I have a large backyard and many “nature” features except a pond, I’ve now built the pond and set up the wires and was looking ideas on a pump or waterfall or both. Wasn’t sure of the size i needed, but the 2400 model works fine as it turned out. It’s very quiet, and i even can’t see it on the electricity bill, guess it’s just that efficient.

D.Sprouse – 25, 2013

This is the best pump that I have bought for my small Koi Pond. I am using it with the Laguna Pressure-Flo 1400 UVC Filter and my pond has never been more clear. The return is connected to a waterfall and there is plenty flow of water to aerate the water. My guess is I am getting around 400 gph with the 2.5 ft. rise from pump to filter connections. Keep in mind that the higher you need to run the hoses the less the volume of water pumped due to back pressure. I am also using 1″ ID hose.

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