Running a Fountain Pump with Solar Energy?

solarpump-inapondTechnology has progressed to impressive levels, enough so that renewable energy sources such as solar energy are getting recognized and suggested. Since solar energy is clean energy, and does not involve fuel or emit toxins into the atmosphere, buying a solar powered pond pump is your first step to protecting the planet. In this article, i will try to illustrate ways in that your solar pump works. Even though bigger ponds will need exact pumps, a solar kit pond pump is ideal for backyard home pond or fountain.

As the name implies, a solar powered water fountain makes use of our suns natural energy to operate a pump so the water flows without ever needing to be plugged in. You can also evade having to run underground wiring and/or plumbing to the fountain.

The objective of a pond pump is to drive the pond water up to a fountain. As the water bubbles across the fountain the water gathers important oxygen which is then around for the fish and other little creatures that exist in the pond. The water is filtered and because it is moving, not staying still, it is avoiding mosquitoes and other unwanted creatures from settling. Using a solar powered pond pump assures that the filtering of the pond water also maintains the air around the water feature pure and fresh, and this is because of the power used to run the pump is not coming from a power plant.

Fountains are an enjoyable component, giving a relaxing sound, cooling the air and sometimes increasing humidity in dry regions. To help drive a spew of water, you will need a greater pressure pump than that is used in a regular pond set-up. Except if you are using water from a “tap” or other source of water with minimal levels of dissolved minerals, you should add a water softening or other remedy substance. This will give a more enjoyable shower of water from your fountain and lengthen the effective life of your pond pump.

InstaparkGyd0050-50w-solarpA solar powered pond pump kit includes a water pump, a solar panel, pipes, and a (remote) control of some sort. More expensive models also have battery included; this keeps the pump running after in the night for about 2-4 hours.

Picking out the best solar powered pond/fountain pump should be done thoroughly. Understanding the size and dimensions of your pond is a good point to begin with. The building contractor will be able to suggest you on the estimated flow rate necessary for realistic levels of oxygen to pass by the water. If unsure, a flow rate of around 120 to 160 gallons every hour should be enough for smaller ponds. The length from the fountain to the supply line and solar panels are also important. A lengthier range will demand for a higher flow rate. Looking for guidance and tips of your solar pump salesperson should help.

See that the necessary electricity outputs are chosen, they are mostly evidently pointed out on the product itself. Batteries are usually an option if you want the pump to run after when it gets dark. The solar panel should be exposed to maximum sun and unblocked to make the most of sunlight. The lesser budget cost of a typical solar pump for a smaller sized pond, may cost about $70 to $130. The more advanced models with batteries can be up to $400.