How to take care of goldfish in garden ponds

Taking care of goldfish in a garden pond is an easy job. A lot of people have this concern when they over analyze the process and end up doing stuff they should not. Typically when it comes to feeding the goldfish and overfeeding. This is the top cause of poor water quality that pond owners have deal with.

Do the goldfish in your pond look unhappy? Standing motionless could be an indication that they are over fed or the pond’s water quality has dropped to an unacceptable level. It could also be the effect of little oxygen in the water, for example using a solar powered pump certainly allows to increase the oxygen levels of the water, especially in winter months when the pond is covered with ice.

Water quality is extremely critical to health of goldfish who can get more and more anxious in inferior living conditions. There are a number of reasons that may have an impact on pond health such as local climate, size of pond, other fish and quantity of fish, range and amount of aquatic plants and the effectiveness of filtration system installed.

Feeding the goldfish
Goldfish eat some types of plant life, certain forms of algae, and even insects? This means that, if you live in a rural area, there are a lot of bugs that the fish in fact feast upon. This means if you don’t pay attention, you may overfeed your precious fish. You also have to remember that fish don’t require as much food as people assume. Feed your fish food in the form of pellets and do it reasonably.

Decrease levels of algae by growing aquatic plants which cover around 40-70% of the water area. Plants will also provide a defensive environment for the fish. They also break down nutrients in the water lessening algae growth. Also, cleaning out unnecessary algae and duckweed on a daily basis will certainly improve water situation in the pond.

Clean water
Green pond water is induced by single celled, free floating algae. It is the single most issue that people have in their garden ponds and can sometimes be very difficult to handle. There are also specific chemicals that can be added to the pond which then help to create a better, cleaner environment for the fish.

During autumn, if you did not cover the pond with a special net, a lot of leaves and debris may have dropped into the pond and slowly decomposed over the winter developing a heavy sludge on the bottom. There are pond vacuums that can work wonders cleaning the pond off of unwanted debris.

Skimmers help to lessen the need to clean the bottom of your pond as frequently because they regularly skim the surface of the pond, avoiding leaves and debris from sinking to the bottom. It also makes filter and pump servicing much simpler.

Goldfish are adorable and add so much charm to a backyard pond. They are sturdy given you adhere to the advice here. If you have any tips to help to improve this article, we would love to hear from you!


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