TotalPond 1200 GPH Waterfall Pump Review

pond pump review


TotalPond 1200 GPH Waterfall magnetic drive pumps are specially built to meet the needs of a water feature like a garden pond. As opposed to most older-type pumps available, magnetic drive pumps are made to run constantly. This TotalPond 1200 GPH Waterfall Pumps are truly energy efficient, using less energy than other pumps, and will possibly save a lot of money in the long run. This is a low-maintenance pond pump with just one moving part, a ceramic shaft and impeller with wet bearing technology. All TotalPond Pumps are submersible and match for statuary, fountains, waterfalls and water garden ponds.

The TotalPond 1200 GPH Waterfall Pump is perfect for medium to large garden fountains, piped statuary, waterfalls and ponds. Its new and refined structure gives this pump unrivaled flexibility. Remember to use this pump as a submersible pump only. This waterfall pump will perform quietly and loyally while operating your water feature. And it’s suggested for waterfalls up to 5 ft.

You will get the advantages of a pond pump that circulates water so a natural ecological balance can be achieved and kept in your own backyard.

The pump comes with a 1 year warranty. We recommend to use in water between degrees 41F and 86F. Do not use if water is heavily chlorinated or has high pH levels.

Now available in 1200, 2000, 3600 and 5100 GPH models – buy this TotalPond Waterfall Pump from

This pump has the best price over the two other excellent pumps, so if your demands are not too high and this suits your pond then we would definitely recommend this pond pump. Read these reviews from people who have already bought this pump:

Customer Reviews

Andrew K. – April 10, 2012

I used this to fix my koi pond. A comparable model I bought at a “pond store” 2 years ago cost twice as much and was of lower quality. Very, very happy with this tho! I have been postponing my pond setup for years, but after i got this pump and had it set up, i was glad i did finally finish it!

Edwardl – August 28, 2013

This pump has very good flow and has good pressure power to send water through a filter on the way to the tank. Not all of the pumps out there show this kind of output, (in my opinion) even though they can be rated at 600+ gallons per minute, I only got about 5 gpm after the filter. Flow and power after the filter was satisfactory enough for me!

Steven – August 28, 2013


5100 gph model

I had a different pump with the same GPH rate but it was just too loud. It also couldn’t pump water vertical very far at all. This cute little puppy is in fact a massive upgrade to the pump that I had been using and it cost much lest. Even thought they claimed to have the same GPH. Amazed of the performance, keep in mind the pond i have is also quite small.

Ted Birchfield – April 6, 2013

Just about 10 days ago, I’ve ordered this very same pump from Amazon, got it shipped couple of days ago, unwrapped 10 minutes later i got it, and started to set it up. And boy does it work beautifully; i love the quality and the look of the product. Well, anyway, the setup itself was fairly simple, and i can watch the water move in my small pond here and relax, knowing the pond is healthy. I recommend!

chris129 on August 22, 2016

We bought the slightly more powerful version of this pump, the TotalPond 3600 GPH Waterfall version (was $170 at the time i purchased it) works just how we expected. After we expanded our pond a few months ago, the water just dripped down the face of the waterfall with the old weak pumop We put in an additional one to the existing and it just didn’t do the trick. So we got this 3600 and bam !! A stunning waterfall again is now in our pond!


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