What Is a Pond Heater? How to Choose a Pond Heater?

Do i need to heat my pond during the colder months?

fall-pond6Garden ponds offer endless joy, giving a peaceful and beautiful sensation for hours of delight. But ponds aren’t meant just for places with warm climate year-round. Even home-owners who reside in colder regions can appreciate a garden pond with the inclusion of a pond heater. Holding your pond warm and having a hole in the ice through the chilliest months will help preserve your pond in good health and your fish comfortable.

There are two variations of pond heaters – floating and submersible. Along with electrical heaters, there are pond heaters that can use natural gas, or oil. A floating pond heater is intended to float right on top/middle of the ice once your pond freezes. It melts a hole on top of the pond ice covering, letting gases to get away through colder months. The second variation of a pond heater is submersible one, it’s a unit that’s set under the water’s surface and warms up a much bigger space.

Winter-proofing your fish pond starts with keeping track of the temperature.

Besides adapting your fish’s eating habits for the winter months, you will also want to replace the water with new, and cover the pond with a netting to prevent falling leaves to disturb the pond. As soon as the ice starts to form, the netting should be taken out and your pond heater should be set up. The heater doesn’t really warm the water; instead, it is intended to keep ice from establishing in the first place.

A pond heater is very important if you have koi fish in the pond. At the time of the cold winter months, the water of the pond can get very cold and so creates a serious problem for the water plants and creatures. The pond heater helps preserve the temperature of the pond and makes certain no damage is caused. There are a number of aspects to keep in mind when picking out a pond heater, these are outlined below.

Electrical, oil or gas heaters?

There are pond heaters that operate on oil, gas or electricity. You can go in for the one that best fits your needs and budget. The heaters that run on oil and gas have big set up costs; but, in the long run they turn out to be economical and easy to maintain. In contrast, the heaters that run on electricity are not expensive at first; however, their maintenance costs are bigger and can present an electrical risk when compared to the oil and gas units.
There’s another possibility, heating a pond with a solar panel setup. These can be very expensive to buy, but the maintenance costs area virtually zero!

How powerful heater/de-icer do i need?

One pond heater should be enough for a 600 gallon pond; if your pond is larger than that you’re going to need two heaters. Another way to work out what size heater you need, just look at the size of your pond and allow 1 KW per 1000 gallons, if you’re under a 1 KW marker, then round up rather than down.

Since oil and gas heaters are hard to come by, and they cost way too much, I have selected and reviewed three excellent electrical pond heater choices for your water feature:

Here is our quick summary on these top 3 products:

Laguna Pond Heater – 500 Wattslaguna500wattHeater

  • De-Icer for ponds 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6 Celsius) and below
  • Fitted with LED light that shows when it’s heating
  • 500 Watts – perfect for a 200-500+ gallon pond
  • Safe for fish and plant

The Laguna Power Heat 500-watt De-Icer keeps its surroundings ice melted and water warm, letting the toxic gases from fish released, for better breathing. At the same time, it lets oxygen to re-enter the pond. This heater is safe for plastic and liner ponds, and it will not hurt fish or plants. It has dual-zone built-in thermostats to help the heat circulation, and it is perfect for operating 20 degrees Fahrenheit and below.


Laguna PowerHeat Heated De-Icer for Ponds – 315WLaguna-315w

  • De-Icer for ponds 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6 Celsius) and below
  • Clearly seen LED light that shows when unit is on
  • Combined thermostat shuts off the De-Icer when it overheats, preserving internal parts from harm
  • 315 watts – fit for 100-400 gallon pond

This 312 watt pond heater from a respected pond products manufacturer Laguna is built for ponds whose temperatures are down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The De-Icer is supplied with an additional top-mounted 15-watt heating unit that melts snow on contact, preventing the unit snowy build-up. The Laguna PowerHeat De-Icer helps to exchange gases from the pond in addition to heating and keeping the ice off.


K&H Ultimate All-In-One De-Icer 250-Watt FloaterK_and_H-heater-215W

  • All-in-One design – can be used as submerged or floating
  • Safe for all stock tanks, ponds, fountains
  • Extra cage included
  • Cord clip included – keeps power cord away from animals reach
  • 5 different electric power versions available, from 250 W to 1500 W

The new Farm Essentials line from K&H Manufacturing has developed a versatile, all-in-one design heater for keeping your water warm, fresh and healthy for the fish. Every one of K&H de-icers can be used as a floating de-icer out of the box or can be transformed to a submersible de-icer with ease! This model is available in 5 different editions; 250 watts, 500 watts, 750 watts, 1000 watts and 1500 watts. A free cord protection clip is also bundled with every heater. This clever clip mounts the de-icer to the edge of the stock tank, a pond liner, bucket or tube. The surrounding coil protects the heater damaging the pond liner!


Hope you have found the pond heater for your needs and can start to enjoy the pond-hobby also during the winter months! Keep in mind to monitor the temperature of your garden and pond, see that the pond heater and pond pump are both operating properly and clean or replace the water if necessary, even in the winter!